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Founded in 2004, CodeBlue is a New Zealand-owned IT services company. It is the leading nationwide IT services company serving mid-sized clients, providing a full range of cutting-edge IT services precisely tailored and optimised for mid-sized New Zealand businesses and organisations. CodeBlue offers localised service, backed up by a national Helpdesk, to a diverse range of clients across New Zealand through a network of nine branches.


Client deliverables:

Brand and identity: At CodeBlue’s inception in 2004, we helped the company develop, visualise, articulate and communicate its entire brand proposition and vision. In the years since, as CodeBlue has grown and matured we have continued to help the company redefine, refine and communicate its brand and value proposition to market using both traditional and new media channels.


Videos – The CodeBlue Difference: CodeBlue is proud to be the only nationwide IT services company with services designed to suit the needs of mid-sized businesses and organisations. In this set of ‘CodeBlue Difference’ videos, CodeBlue team members communicate CodeBlue’s value proposition, key differentiators and what it takes to develop a successful IT strategy.

Website: CodeBlue’s website is a window into the company and has always used strong customer quotes and images to drive home the company’s core messages. In 2014, we have worked with SK Digital to redevelop the website in line with current design and new media trends. It supports news, case studies, blogs and company information; provides branches with a platform for localised engagement with customers, prospects and partners; and gives users an easy way to engage directly with CodeBlue. codeblue.co.nz

Customer communications and collateral: We produce a range of PR and print and electronic materials for CodeBlue, including a branch-customised corporate brochures, product and service flyers, advertising and event invitations. CodeBlue communicates regularly with customers, prospects and partners via newsletters, news flashes, and other e-DM pieces. The company has a strong community service ethic and regularly supports deserving causes, including Kidney Kids and Child Cancer Foundation, for which we provide supporting resources.

Customer testimonials: CodeBlue’s customer case studies are powerful reference tools for the company. CodeBlue prides itself on investing in and maintaining long-term customer relationships and the case studies are success stories that articulate this commitment and the trust customers have in CodeBlue to provide tailored solutions that meet their needs and help support their business.