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Dedicated to the SME market, Accredo is a New Zealand-owned and operated accounting software company that has been serving New Zealand businesses for over 32 years. It has an enviable reputation for customer service which has seen around 50% of Accredo customers continue using their software for more than 12 years. Accredo has recently launched into the Australian market.


Client deliverables

Video presentation: A simple but effective multi-media presentation that effectively communicates Accredo’s core values and key differentiators.

Brand redevelopment: A long company history, ongoing product iterations and a new company name provided the impetus for Accredo to review its entire brand proposition.

Website: We took a different direction from standard accounting software websites and used quotes and images of Accredo customers – not product screen shots – to drive the design and key messages of the Accredo website.

Accredo website

Advertising: The strongest endorsement for a product is the one that comes from fellow users. When it comes to Accredo advertising, we let their customers do the talking.


Customer testimonials: Accredo’s customer case studies are powerful reference tools for both the company and its resellers. Accredo’s case studies are customer success stories that articulate the trust they have in Accredo and how the product works to support their growing New Zealand business.

Nind Electrical case study – for downloading off the Accredo website