Communication strategy and execution for technology companies

Our company

Sayle Noble & Associates provides New Zealand-owned software or services companies with highly specialised digital marketing and communication services.

The company is led by directors and senior consultants Tony Noble and Caroline Sayle, together with senior consultants Jonathan Mayo and Natalie Moerdyk. We are all specialists in technology public relations.

The value we provide

We lift engagement with our clients’ key audiences by helping them tell their story and by ensuring their voice is easily found, up to date and on message.

We ensure our clients get the basics right and then work with them to develop an integrated online presence. That usually involves providing a breadth and depth of services a traditional public relations agency cannot provide, including highly specialised brand and value proposition development, marketing, development of digital assets (websites, blogs and multi-media presentations) and lead generation services.

Our philosophy

We’re in IT public relations for the long haul. We take a long view and invest in our client relationships.  For us, people are more important than companies. We do business on a handshake in the confidence that our performance, and the consistent high quality of our work over time, are the best guarantee of client retention.